Kurser i kinesiska våren 2018

2 januari, 2018

Time: (Children class) Friday 17.30- 18.15 from Feb 2nd to May 11th

          (Adult class) Friday 18.30- 20.00from Feb 2nd to Apr 6th

Place: Hans Michelsensgatan 6A, 21120 Malmö

Price: Children class 995kr per termin

          Adult class 1595kr per termin


For sign up or any question, contact us via tian.cnlearn@gmail.com

Find more information on http://www.wing-tsun.se/


More information to put on the Kungfu Sweden website:

Picture (see the attachment) and self-introduction:

Hi, I am Tian. I wish to share with you the language and culture of my homelandChina. Let’s explore interesting things about China together in the class!

What’s the course about?

l   For ADULTS– The course will help you to learn and improve Chinese speaking, listening, reading and writing. The main focus will be on being able to communicate verbally. Interesting Chinese culture and customs will also be introduced.


l   For CHILDREN (7-12 years old)The course will create a fun environment for kids to learn. Songs in Chinese, daily life in Chinese and games in Chinese will be the main part of the course. Chinese culture and customs that correspond to Children’s interests will also be introduced.


Good to know: No previous knowledge is required. The study material is included in the course fee.

Starta dagen med Qi Gong, Tai Ji och Xin Yi!

14 oktober, 2010

Wudang Gong Fu

Wudang Fighter

Vi drar nu igång med morgonträningar i Malmö. Alla ni morgonpigga, entusiastiska eller lite lätt galna är välkomna. Men jag vill även säga att alla ni som är morgontrötta, nattugglor, stressade eller har för mycket tid över skall komma och träna. Vi börjar nu med morgonträningar i Slottsparken. (mer…)