Whether it is fuelled by the success Wilson Yip’s Ip Man or not, Wing Chun is fast becoming a popular kungfu onscreen, with many Wing Chun-themed movies being produced.

First off is the production of 《功夫咏春》 Kungfu Wing Chun (video), announced on November 4 by producer Ng See Yuen at a press conference at his Beijing UME Cineplex. The cast includes Bai Jing, Yu Shao Qun, Kara Hui, Ngai Sing, Yuen Wah and Xiao Jian.

While Liang Bo Chou and Yan Yong Chun are married young, they are often at odds with each other. However, they feelings for each other grow amidst their constant squabbling. As Yan Yong Chun develops a tight fighting style, her husband naturally becomes the first to be taught. And he names this style Yong Chun Quan (Wing Chun Fist) as a tribute to his wife.

Bai Jing will play Yan Yong Chun, who under Elder Nun Wu Mei’s guidance, founds Wing Chun. While Bai Jing isn’t a professional martial artist, she has a good foundation in dancing and has been training Wing Chun for a year to prepare for this role. She was discovered Ng See Yuen who cast her as the female protagonist. Ng See Yuen says that she has been living up to expectations.

Opera performer Yu Shao Qun is playing Liang Bo Chou. While he was born with a silver spoon, he is an upright, benevolent and responsible person. Yu Shao Qun, who’s been eager to do kungfu films, has been training beforehand.

On being asked about Ip Man, he replies, ”Donnie Yen’s a senior in martial arts cinema, he is a genuine martial artist. I can’t be compared to him. His image and disposition is wonderful, and his kungfu too, I am envious of him. But our film is different from Ip Man, it’s a teen romance actioner, so its theme is not as serious.”

Kungfu Wing Chun, which has been in pre-production for 2 years, is directed by Cheung Tung Cho, with Stephen Tung Wai and Kong Tao Hoi providing the martial arts direction, while Yip Chun is lending a helping hand as the film’s consultant.

Meanwhile, director Wong Jing has turned Fan Siu Wong into an effeminate Wing Chun fighting cop Donnie Yuen as he works undercover as a makeup artist to protect a witness and his cop-in-disguise colleague Charlene Choi in 《美丽密令》 On Beauty’s Secret Service (video), that has been in production since last month.

Next, there is a 20m yuan budget 《永春白鹤拳》 Wing Chun White Crane Boxing, which revolves around the form’s founder Fan Qi Niang and her disciple Zheng Li, in the making.

And finally, about to begin production soon is 《少年叶问》 Young Ip Man, that is fully endorsed by Yip Chun. To Yu Hang, Fan Siu Wong, Huang Yi and Xu Jiao are set to star.